WEDNESDAY’S WORD | 10.20.2021

Have you ever sat and wondered what is your purpose?  Its an interesting exercise to think and discover your true purpose in life. For those of you who have been blessed to be parents, raising your … Read More

WEDNESDAY’S WORD | 10.13.2021

I have a serious question for us to ponder today. Is bigger, better? I know that sounds like a funny question, but I believe its important for us to ask ourselves.  I grew up in a small … Read More

WEDNESDAY’S WORD | 10.06.2021

You know, I absolutely love the Autumn time of the year. Maybe I love it because I was born in this season. Maybe I love it because I long for the cooler, crisper weather. Maybe I love it … Read More

WEDNESDAY’S WORD | 09.22.2021

What motivates us to change? What in us can help guide us to change our attitudes, our speech, our actions, our hearts? It’s an interesting question to consider. I would guess most of us are not always pleased … Read More

WEDNESDAY’S WORD | 09.08.2021

As I’ve been reflecting this past week on all that seems to be going on around us, what is it any of us can do to make a difference?  The Covid pandemic continues to rage, … Read More

WEDNESDAY’S WORD | 09.01.2021

I think sometimes we have a tendency to take friendships for granted.  Friends are enjoyable to be around, to hang out with, to go places with, to party with.  Notice, I said “with,” friends are with us … Read More

WEDNESDAY’S WORD | 08.25.2021

As some of you may have been aware, I spent the past weekend in the hospital battling a bladder/kidney infection. Several years ago I was diagnosed with stage 2 bladder cancer. As a result, after intensive chemotherapy, … Read More