Wednesday's Word

I have to wonder if giving peacemaking a chance might be the third way for so much of what plagues us right now? Is there anything in this world that cannot be overcome with the peace of God? When we apply peace in situations that are chaotic and where good outcomes are seemingly unattainable, we are being who Christ calls us to be.


Wednesday's Word

God has a plan and a purpose for you and me also. What is it you see that can be aided by your voice, your actions, your willingness to be used so that this world is a better place because you passed this way?


Wednesday's Word

My gentle and good friends, let’s just remind one another of who our sisters and brothers are. Each one is a child of God, each one is endowed with God’s Spirit, each one is made in the likeness of God. 


Wednesdays Word

“Benedict was born in the town of Nursia, near Rome. At age twenty, he left home and lived for three years as a hermit in a desolate cave. There he practiced severe asceticism, maturing in both mind … Read More


Wednesday's Word

From Common Prayer, we are reminded of the sacrifices of many who stood for their faith. One such ordinary radical was Jan Hus (1372-1415) “Jan Hus was born in Bohemia (now part of the Czech Republic). He … Read More

WEDNESDAY’S WORD | 09.08.2021

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WEDNESDAY’S WORD | 09.01.2021

I think sometimes we have a tendency to take friendships for granted.  Friends are enjoyable to be around, to hang out with, to go places with, to party with.  Notice, I said “with,” friends are with us … Read More

WEDNESDAY’S WORD | 08.25.2021

As some of you may have been aware, I spent the past weekend in the hospital battling a bladder/kidney infection. Several years ago I was diagnosed with stage 2 bladder cancer. As a result, after intensive chemotherapy, … Read More