WEDNESDAY’S WORD | 09.15.2021

Do you know what the world is really lacking right now? Well, its lacking a lot of things, but today I’m thinking of kindness. Plain, simple, every day kindness. I just don’t see a lot of it around … Read More

WEDNESDAY’S WORD | 09.08.2021

As I’ve been reflecting this past week on all that seems to be going on around us, what is it any of us can do to make a difference?  The Covid pandemic continues to rage, … Read More

WEDNESDAY’S WORD | 09.01.2021

I think sometimes we have a tendency to take friendships for granted.  Friends are enjoyable to be around, to hang out with, to go places with, to party with.  Notice, I said “with,” friends are with us … Read More

WEDNESDAY’S WORD | 08.25.2021

As some of you may have been aware, I spent the past weekend in the hospital battling a bladder/kidney infection. Several years ago I was diagnosed with stage 2 bladder cancer. As a result, after intensive chemotherapy, … Read More

WEDNESDAY’S WORD | 08.18.2021

I hope and pray this day is finding each one of you well and safe wherever you are. We have entered into another dangerous time concerning the COVID-19 pandemic, now we are facing a huge … Read More

WEDNESDAY’S WORD | 08.11.2021

I’ve just returned from a spontaneous trip to Atlanta. An old friend of mine ran across my mind the other day, and I text him to tell him he was on my mind and just to … Read More

WEDNESDAY’S WORD | 08.04.2021

We are in the midst of what has been historically called the “Dog Days of Summer.” You know, I’m fascinated by words and phrases. I get a real kick out of discovering their origin and how they … Read More

WEDNESDAY’S WORD | 7.28.2021

Picking up from our discussion last week dealing with creeds in our Christian context. The other creed of great importance is known as the Nicene Creed. Its true origins are more codified in a historical … Read More


Wednesday Word - 7.21.21

If you don’t mind, I’d like to spend a little time this Wednesday, and next Wednesday talking about the Creeds of the Church.  We get new people in our community of faith and they become accustomed … Read More


Wednesday Word - 7.14.21

When do you practice the art of listening? I know you’re going to say you’re listening all the time. It’s not as if you can turn off your ears and just decide not to hear what’s going … Read More