How do we judge the situations we find ourselves in?  I’m thinking about the times we find ourselves joyful or happy, depressed or sad, anxious or fearful, angry or vengeful. We find ourselves in different states … Read More


What a wonderful day today is!  Have you given any thought to today? Yes, some of us may have gotten up with some moans and groans. I’m finding the older I get, I have to make noises … Read More


A new year stretches before us with so much potential and so many possibilities.  I wonder what we will do with these days?  I wonder if we will trudge through them as if its an ordeal to … Read More


I can remember as a child, how much we anticipated Christmas morning. There’s all this buzz and excitement from Thanksgiving on, and all you can think about is Christmas morning around the family Christmas tree. Of course … Read More

WEDNESDAY’S WORD | 12.01.2021

We have begun the breakneck race through what is known as the holiday season. We’ve just completed Thanksgiving weekend, and have run headlong into the Advent season, heading toward Christmas and New Years. This season usually feels … Read More

WEDNESDAY’S WORD | 11.17.2021

This week we are continuing to talk about what Paul says in 1 Corinthians 13, in the end three things remain: Faith, Hope, and Love. Last week we talked some about Faith, what it means and … Read More

WEDNESDAY’S WORD | 11.10.2021

One of my favorite scriptures in the Bible comes from 1 Corinthians, chapter 13. The Apostle Paul lays out an argument for the supremacy of love in all things. We refer to this chapter often when 2 … Read More

WEDNESDAY’S WORD | 11.03.2021

Yesterday was a hard day for me, I’ll explain in just a bit. Maybe some of you have experienced hard days yourself, and will be able to relate. My mind remembered a passage from the Psalms when … Read More

WEDNESDAY’S WORD | 10.27.2021

We are living in times that many consider unprecedented. We’ve had to live sequestered from one another for a considerable length of time. Even now, we are still wearing masks and socially distancing in many instances. Our work … Read More

WEDNESDAY’S WORD | 10.20.2021

Have you ever sat and wondered what is your purpose?  Its an interesting exercise to think and discover your true purpose in life. For those of you who have been blessed to be parents, raising your … Read More